Landscaping Questions

Landscaping QuestionsThis guidebook will answer all of your landscaping, deposit, refund, and final inspection questions.
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Update: January 2017
Important Notice Regarding City of Edmonton Updated Landscaping Requirements for Low-density Residential Lots (RSL, RF1, RF2, RF3)

Please be advised that effective June 2016 the City of Edmonton has new requirements for low-density residential development tree & shrub landscaping. You should be aware of these requirements if your new homes is a low-density residential lot. Click here to read the full documentation.

If you are not sure what type of lot you have, please ask your builder.

At the time of this update, in order to receive your landscape deposit refund from your builder you MUST meet the requirements set forth in the Architectural Guidelines appropriate to your lot, phase, and community. If you have any questions on the City of Edmonton Guidelines you may call 311 directly. Updated information will be posted here should this policy change.