Desrochers Villages in Edmonton

About Desrochers

  • Located in Heritage Valley, Desrochers is clear winner when it comes to location and affordability.
  • The community has excellent highway access, is right next door to a massive shopping and retail complex, and has a brand-new K-9 school right inside the neighbourhood.

Highlights from Desrochers Villages

Desrochers in Heritage Valley Streetscape
Desrochers in Heritage Valley School

K-9 School

The Desrochers K-9 School opened in September 2017 and is located just south of the Desrochers Forest.

Desrochers in Heritage Valley Forest

Desrochers Forest

A unique 15 acre preserved forest is situated in the heart of Desrochers.

Desrochers in Heritage Valley Pond


Walkers, joggers, and families alike enjoy this above average-sized constructed wetland with playful decorative water features.